Automotive industry ahoy! Here's a free tip for you.

Here's a free development idea for cars: add messaging functionality to cars, so family members and friends in different cars could communicate easier with each other. Add option to share metadata automatically: location, fuel gauge, speed etc. Maybe VoIP calls? Add Share-button to post it to Facebook. Add dashboard camera to share scenic location to Facebook with location and photo, from "xxx app" of course, giving you free promotion.

These are technically easy and relatively cheap to make, and they bring a lot of added value to the car. Make a deal with operators for EDGE/3G sims pre-installed, or have customers request clone sims. The manufacturer that leads the industry will brand itself as visionary.

Do you want to lead or play catch-up? Facebook has over a billion users, and next year it will celebrate it's 10th anniversary.

Imagine Connecting People and Think Different. Yes, that's you Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung and Apple. Innovation that excites, Nissan thank you for "Nissan Connect" photo. Maybe this is for You?

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