Downloadable tv-episodes and music videos!

Apple released new iPod with video support, and at the same time added over 2000 music videos to iTunes store for 1.99$ a piece. They also added tv-series "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives" to be bought episode by episode! Bundle of the first season of Desperate Housewives costs 34.99$ (23 episodes), that's 1.52$ per episode. Nice.

Check out the new tv ad for the new iPod, featuring U2:



Preview new Carlos Santana songs!

Carlos Santana has made a new album, which yet to be released until 31st of October, but some of the new songs can be previewed at The Sun's site:


Songs in question are:
Just Feel Better featuring Steven Tyler
My Man featuring Big Boi and Mary J Blige
I Am Somebody featuring Will I Am
Cry Baby Cry featuring Joss Stone and Sean Paul
Twisted featuring Anthony Hamilton

On an interesting side note, Metallica's guitarist Kirk Hammet will also be featured on the album. If you want to check out few pics of Metallica, check my concert photos: http://iki.fi/rz/metallica/oulunkyla/