Race for street views

We have our maps now online, we have satellite views, we have helicopter views and other aerial views, but street views are what takes it to a whole new level.

Google started it, they have now street views photographed 360° from thousands of different locations, including New York, San Fransisco, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Roma and so on.

But Fonecta made it in Finland first. http://virtuaalikierros.02.fi/ has street views from Helsinki and Tampere, and also views inside the shops that are on those streets! What a great idea for Fonecta, they'll get some money from the companies, and users are happy to window shop!

Kudos to Fonecta!


What inspires you?

www.SanomaInspires.com is a site where you can share pictures, photos, drawings, or simply texts you've found inspirational. Go and browse. For every inspiration uploaded, Sanoma Group will donate 50 cents UNICEF programme for eduction in Romania, so it's for a good cause.


New work from Flash Fabriek

We've released couple of sites I want to link here:

www.NunnaUuni.nu - Finnish fireplace company, main site is www.nunnauuni.com but www.NunnaUuni.nu is a launch site for the new designer Figuro-models.

www.valkoinenkori.fi - Finnish cancer organisations are looking for monthly donors.

www.earlyjack.com - Finnair airlines promotion of fast direct routes from Europe to Asia.

www.earlyjack.com/japan - Finnair airlines older promotion of fast direct routes from Asia to Europe, dubbed in japanese by Shin Aomori as Jack and Shingo Hiromori as Joe. Definitely worth a look :)

www.akuankka.fi - Finnish site for Donald Duck. We created the flash elements and flash games for the site.

Yours truely,
Sami Korhonen
Project Manager
Flash Fabriek


Nokia and Microsoft team up on Silverlight

Nokia announced today that they will be making Microsoft's Silverlight available to S60 Symbian OS, Series 40 devices, and Nokia Internet tablets.

You can read the Nokia's press release, or last100 blog about it.

Microsoft will demonstrate Silverlight on S60 during the opening keynote at Microsoft's MIX08 conference on March 5 in Las Vegas. You can view the keynote speech online as well.


Youtube goes mobile!

Point your phones to http://m.youtube.com/

With Nokia it streams videos with Realplayer. If you have Nokia's N73, E65, N95, 6120c, 6110n or Sony Ericsson's k800i and w880i you can download the application for a quicker access to your favorite Youtube dirt: http://www.youtube.com/yt_mobile_app