Web 2.0 in design and production

It is totally different thing to design print and tv ads, simple web sites and banners, then it is to understand the complex world of interactive and consumer collaborative Web 2.0.

There is no single, clear, definition to Web 2.0, since it is much more then advancement of web technologies. John Seely Brown made good quote material when he said "Web 2.0 is a profoundly participatory medium". Tim O'Reilly, the man who originally coined the term Web 2.0, made an excellent list while trying to clarify what the term Web 2.0 meant:

Web 2.0 means more collaborative work, information sharing, inviting people to participate, giving them more power to voice their opinions. Sites and applications are more interactive, more rich in media, and give better user experiences.

Loosely quoting O'Reilly: Trust your consumers. Let them play. Participate, don't publish. Listen, don't shout. Remember, your site should get better if there are more people using it. And finally: Web 2.0 is an attitude, not just technology.


I'ts not a Gphone, it's an Android

Despite rumors, and us Google-geeks waiting for an actual hardware phone, Google didn't publish one, it published "Open Handset Alliance", and "Android".

Android is supposed to be "first truly open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices. It includes an operating system, user-interface and applications -- all of the software to run a mobile phone, but without the proprietary obstacles that have hindered mobile innovation."

I knew there was a reason I didn't start coding with Symbian, lol. I guess this "old" project manager found a new hobby. ;)

Cheers Google.




Google takes a stab at social bookmarking

Google has released a new tool for sharing web pages with your friends. It includes also support for 3rd party services, like Facebook, Furl, del.icio.us, Social Poster, Reddit and Digg.

Check it out:



Mobile social sharing

Nokia launches a new site, MOSH (mobilize and share), bringing Youtube, MySpace, Facebook type of stuff optimized to mobile devices. It's still in beta.

Click here if you are browsing web with a personal computer: http://mosh.nokia.com/

And here if you use a mobile device: http://mosh.nokia.mobi/


Google map + public transportation

Check out Helsinki's public transportation real time map app, that shows you exactly where busses & trams are at the moment, overlayed to Google Maps. It's in testing phase, so there are only 3 bus lines, and 1 tram showing, but it looks promising!!



New Skype for Windows

I think the biggest improvement is PayPal money transfers directly inside Skype. User interface has also been improved.



New Nokia campaign site: Great Pockets!

Swedish FarFar does it again. Excellent flash site, with lots and lots of embedded video to make the surfing experience feel like you're inside a game. Check it out, www.greatpockets.com


What is in the box?

New ad for Adobe CS3, coming out by the end of March. Hooray for us Intel Mac owners. Adobe is also releasing Photoshop to the web for free in half a year, or so. It'll be exciting to see how well it will work. Google's "Word" and "Excel" are pretty simple softwares compared to Photoshop...


Hello, I'm a Wii, and I'm a PlayStation 3

Parody of Get A Mac-campaign, or real Wii commercial? Either way, it's, umm.. funny. ;-)

Google makes Firefox better!

Google has made "Extensions" to Firefox browser. One in particulary peaked my interest: Web Comments.

When installed to your Firefox, it shows blog comments that have been made about the page you are currently viewing. For example, stay in touch what people write about your blog, or your personal homepage! Über cool.


Other extensions made by Google:

Update 21.9.2013: Please note that this was 2007. Google Toolbar for Firefox has been discontinued, Blogger Web Comments for Firefox has been discontinued, the follow-up Google Sidewiki has been discontinued as well.

Apple reveals the new iPhone

You can also watch a video from the San Francisco Macworld 2007: macworld07.wmv

So it was Apple, instead of Google (posted earlier), that got it's phone on the market, or atleast revealed. It's an iPod, phone, and Internet Communicator, finger sensitive touchpad, look's very sleek ;)