New work from Flash Fabriek

We've released couple of sites I want to link here:

www.NunnaUuni.nu - Finnish fireplace company, main site is www.nunnauuni.com but www.NunnaUuni.nu is a launch site for the new designer Figuro-models.

www.valkoinenkori.fi - Finnish cancer organisations are looking for monthly donors.

www.earlyjack.com - Finnair airlines promotion of fast direct routes from Europe to Asia.

www.earlyjack.com/japan - Finnair airlines older promotion of fast direct routes from Asia to Europe, dubbed in japanese by Shin Aomori as Jack and Shingo Hiromori as Joe. Definitely worth a look :)

www.akuankka.fi - Finnish site for Donald Duck. We created the flash elements and flash games for the site.

Yours truely,
Sami Korhonen
Project Manager
Flash Fabriek