Become a Fonero and share your Internet connection

Simple idea, share your home internet connection through WiFi, and in return, get either paid or get access to WiFi hotspots all over the world. FON is giving away free WLAN's routers in Finland, Sweden and Denmark, so if you want to save 29.95 dollars / euros, click here http://en.fon.com/ before xmas.

Google phone?

Rumors are circulating again, The Guardian writes that Google has had multi-billion-dollar partnership conversations with Orange about new Google Phone.

Read the whole article here:

Google, or Apple, which will make it first?


Sharing copyrights?

Sharing stuff you have absolutely no copyrights what so ever, it's the new thing. It's not simply Youtube, Google Videos, etc, it's spawning a whole new business, for example http://www.thevideosense.com/

Here's a quote from their homepage:

"Find funny/interesting videos from the web (embedded code) add them to your own account at http://www.thevideosense.com , you send your own unique link and share 50% of the advertising revenue, why are google and youtube making all the cash?
when we can do the same as well !!"

Let's enjoy it while it lasts...

Corrosion of Conformity - Stone Breaker

Corrosion of Conformity - Albatross


Opera 9 released

And with a campaign to go along with it. Point your browsers to http://www.opera.com/.

Opera 9 has integrated support for BitTorrents. Nice.


$100 Laptop is unveiled

The first working prototype of the $100 Laptop is unveiled at the Seven Countries Task Force Meeting, 23 May 2006. System will run Fedora Core 5, with 512MB of flash memory, operating system taking about 250 megs. They are trying to get it to run a 1200x900 resolution display.




Big European merger, LB Icon and Framfab

With a combined market capitalisation of around 323 million euros, and run rate revenues of more than 161 million euros, this is huge merger in digital marketing business in Europe. Combined group will have 1,200 employees in 10 different countries.

New name? How about Fab Icon!



Floating windmills into the ocean

A norweigian energy company, Norsk Hydro, has developed a windmill, "Hywind", to be placed into the ocean. It will rice 80 meters above the water, that's roughly 262 feet for you ISO-handicapped people ;), and will be 120 meters submerged.

What an excellent idea! Think about it. Who cares the the deep ocean looks like? But people do care what their beach lines looks like.

Welcome to the future!

Update 18.6.2016
The prototype has been working great in Norway. Now they are setting up a farm in Scotland